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p Omar Aldarawish - M2 Physiology, Epigenetics, Differentiation and Cancer
“I am grateful for living this experience at UGA. Academically, I found high quality teaching and research opportunities, and very helpful staff. In terms of students life, I never ran out of interesting activities to do in my free time, both inside the city and in the fabulous nature surrounding it. This combination allows for a perfect study-life balance.”

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Visage de Lucie Bastien
Thesis : PEPtides & products inhibiting bacterial growth
Abstract :
Synthesis and anti-microbial characterisation of de novo peptides to develop a bactericidal molecule and a biological sensor for bacterial detection.

"I am a curious person who likes to understand life around us, so I decided early on to study chemistry and joined CPE Lyon, a graduate school of chemistry and process engineering,where..."
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Image de Jihad OMAR
Jihad OMAR -
Thesis: Subcellular NMR Metabolomics
Abstract :"Utilizing advanced cell fractionation and innovative NMR spectroscopy techniques, my project deciphers eukaryotic cell subcellular metabolomes, enabling organelle-specific metabolite profiling for insights into compartmentalized metabolism.

As a highly curious and detail-oriented individual, I earned my Bachelor of Science in Biology in Lebanon, followed by..."
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Visage de Marah SAD
Marah SAD -
Thesis: Exploring The Inhibition Of Poly-Adenosine Polymerase As A New Therapeutic Approach For The Treatment of Human Diseases
Abstract: My research project is about studying the structure of human PAP enzyme, its interactions to other partners, and its druggability to evaluate its therapeutic
potential to treat cancer. Self-presentation.

"I am Marah, a PhD student at Université Grenoble Alpes, holding a bachelor degree in Pharmacy and pharmaceutical chemistry and a master degree in structural biology..."
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Visage d'Alberto Piccoli
- DCM and LCBM
Thesis: Electrochemical and photoelectrochemical hydrogenation reactions using metal-pincer complexes
Abstract: The thesis project targets a sustainable (photo)electrochemical approach for hydrogenation reactions of unsaturated C-O/C-N bonds mediated by Pincer-type catalysts.

"I received my Master's Degree in Chemistry from University of Padova in 2022, and I recently moved to Grenoble to start my first year of PhD as part of a collaborative project between..."
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Visage de de Tuan-Anh DINH
Tuan-Anh DINH -
Thesis: Functional and structural study of the ubiquinone biosynthesis complex in E. coli
Abstract: Unravelling the protein complex (metabolon) behind ubiquinone production: purification and structural analyses (cryo-EM and mass spectrometry) of ubiquinone biosynthesis proteins.

"I am Tuan-Anh, a dedicated microbiologist with a Master's degree from the Grenoble University. My journey into research was ignited..."
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Visage de Agoston Barta
Agoston Barta
- DCM and IAB
Thesis: BinucleaR Iridium(III) complexes for hiGH photodynamic Therapy EfficieNcy (BRIGHTEN)
Abstract: Synthesis of Ir(III) complexes and their efficiency evaluation against HeLa and A549 cancer cells

"I’m from Hungary originally, I took an interest in chemistry during high school, mainly because of its complexity and that this subject deals with the building blocks of our environment..."
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Visage de de Salim El Khoury
Thesis: Multi-scale impact of epigenetic editing in plants: from chromatin dynamics to cell fate.
Abstract: We will develop new tools to accurately manipulate epigenetic marks in plants to understand their role in the adaptation to the environment.

"With the dual degree master's program focusing on plant biology from UGA-Grenoble and UniMi-Milan, my passion for plant development thrived, especially after studying agronomy for..."
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Published on  November 21, 2023
Updated on May 21, 2024