This CBH Graduate School is governed by a manager, a deputy manager, assisted by a board of management, and 2 committees: a 'scientific committee' to deal with training and research aspects and a ‘public relations committee'. This committee will strive to guarantee that our excellent research and training in Chemistry Biology and Health gains the visibility and international attractiveness.

Visiting committee and Strategic board will supervise the assessment of actions with the site policy.


Manager: Anne Milet (DCM)
Deputy manager: Marylin Vantard (IAB)

Board of Management:
Directors of 4 departments (Chemistry-Biology, STAPS, Medicine and Pharmacy)
Director of Doctoral college of UGA
Director of CBH research department
Persons in charge of ARCANE and GRAL components
Manager and Deputy manager
GS@UGA manager permanent guest

Scientific committee:
Deputy manager and Manager
Heads of doctoral School (CSV and ISCE)
Coordinators of Master's degree (Chemistry, Biology, GDP, Health, STAPS)
Representatives of Arcane, GRAL, CAMI projects
Members of the CBH research community

Public Relation committee:
Manager and Deputy manager
Coordinators of Masters' international relations (Chemistry, Biology, Health, STAPS)
Coordinator of industrial relation of Master GDP
Director of UGA Fondation
Representative of Floralis
Representative of Linksium
Representative of Carnot Polynat
Representative of Doctoral college of UGA
Members of scientific committee
Members of research community
Coordinators of CBH Graduate School
Published on  November 21, 2023
Updated on November 23, 2023