Student projects

student projects

To boost life on-campus, the Chemistry Biology and Health Graduate School supports festive, humanitarian, cultural, sports, scientific, etc. initiatives from Master’s and PhD students.
For instance: scientific challenges (such as the iGEM competition), culture-related or sporting challenges, collaborative projects, organization of business meetings, Bachelor’s / Master’s degree / PhD networks, international educational projects, outreach activities, organization of conferences or hackathons, etc.

Conditions :

The student or group of students submitting a project must be affiliated with the CBH Graduate School Master’s degree or Doctoral schools, but the project can bring together students from various fields, local stakeholders, NGOs, start-ups, associations, etc.
Cross-disciplinary projects involving students from several Master’s degrees will be preferred.

How to apply ?

Download the project template from our website and return the completed document to

Projects will be reviewed throughout the year by members of the CBH Public relations committee, who may request an oral presentation. The budget must be detailed with all the different costs (small equipment, travel, communication, etc.), and other possible sources of funding should be indicated. Grants of between €500 and €5 000 will be awarded.


Project leaders who are awarded funding agree to:
  • Present the scientific and financial outcomes of the project within two months of its completion, including positive and negative points.
  • Present all the supporting documents related to expenses (invoices, contracts, agreements, etc.) for the project; the cumulative amount must be at least equal to the grant awarded.
  • Inform the graduate school of any changes or difficulties encountered in the implementation of the project.
  • Reimburse any of the funding obtained that has not been spent.
  • Post feedback on their experience on the CBH Graduate School website or social media.
All projects funded must use the France 2030 and CBH Graduate School logos in their communication, and mention in their reports that the project was supported by the French National Research Agency under the "Investissements d'avenir" (investments for the future) program, grant identification number ANR-17-EURE-0003.

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Published on  November 24, 2023
Updated on April 24, 2024