Summer School 2024: The CO2 Challenge: How to reduce Carbon Footprint?

June 17, 2024 - June 21, 2024
Summer School 2024 The CO2 Challenge: How to reduce Carbone Footprint? June 17-June 21, 2024
  • Talks and discussions with 12 experts from various fields:
  • plants, chemistry, sports, pharmaceutical industry, life cycle analysis, economics, etc.
  • Workshops on carbon footprint & communication
  • Team projects
  • Visits to laboratories and private companies

Confirmed speakers:
• Use of plants and algae for carbon capture (J. Salvaing and G. Allorent, LPCV Grenoble)
• Decarbonation in pharmaceutical companies (C. Cottin, Sanofi Paris)
• Solutions for Low-Carbon Sports Events (L. Hognon, EuroMov DHM Montpellier)
• Do carbon footprint reduction and sustainability development necessarily go hand in hand? Case study illustration on plastics (S. Artous, CEA LITEN Grenoble)
• CO2, catalysis and the chemical industry: an interdisciplinary vision (E.A. Quadrelli, IRCE Lyon)

3 Workshops and tutorials: ADEME scenarios / ecolinguistics: diving into the meanings of climate terms for more effective communication (P. Bureau, CREA Paris) / how to calculate a carbon footprint? (A. Quintard, DCM Grenoble)
Published on  June 7, 2024
Updated on  June 13, 2024