Video Presentation of the Chemistry Biology Health Graduate School at Université Grenoble Alpes :

The Chemistry, Biology and Health (CBH) Graduate School aims to:

  • Provide students with high-quality training, excellent life on campus and an unparalleled international experience with interdisciplinary aspects, preparing them for their future professional lives through extensive hands-on research experience.
  • Be internationally visible to our graduate students, in line with our top-class research.

The CBH Graduate School supports graduate students from start to finish and beyond, continuously improves the quality of the programs on offer, and enhances national and international visibility.

The CBH Graduate School involves 4 faculties :
List of Master's Degree

and 2 doctoral schools :
This graduate school relies on University Grenoble Alpes’ (UGA) CBH research department, which gives it a natural training through research interface. Our research excellence relies on 4 axes:
  • Chemistry, as represented by the network ARCANE;
  • Biology, through the network GRAL ;
  • Health-related biology : represented by a center of excellence in neurodegenerative diseases which is part of the European and Canadian network of Centers of Excellence in Neurodegeneration (COEN) and 2 Cross-disciplinary programs, LIFE (Optimizing health trajectories by leveraging social, urban and environmental data) and NeuroCoG (From neuron to networks, from cognition). The Grenoble consortium combines basic, preclinical and translational research teams working on epigenetics, neurodegenerative diseases and cancer over the last few years.
  • Health-related Technology axis, which includes the project CAMI associated with this application.

These axes intersect at multiple levels, and share cross-cutting themes such as simulation and digital themes, recognition and self-organization phenomena, and technology development.

Published on  November 21, 2023
Updated on May 6, 2024