La science taille XX elles

2 avril 2024 - 12 avril 2024
Discover the profiles of 21 women in science from Grenoble.

The "La Science taille XX ELLES" exhibition spotlights today's women scientists.

The 21 ambassadors for this exhibition are researchers, teacher-researchers, engineers or technicians in all disciplines: physics, chemistry, biology, astrophysics, computing, mathematics, legal sciences, sociology and palaeoclimatology. They have been chosen for their commitment to their professions and their desire to share their passion.

These portraits represent just a fraction of the diversity of possible careers in research, regardless of gender or academic level!

They can be seen from today until April 12 in the Jean Roger building on the UGA health campus, which houses the faculties of medicine and pharmacy as well as the TIMC laboratory.

Publié le  4 avril 2024
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