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Spring Newsletter

Photo contest

A lot of new events are coming this spring !
New edition of our photo contest, several funded PhD offers, new summer school in June and gala evening for master students in July.
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Interested by a PhD ?

PhD offers

Several CBH Graduate School PhD funded offers are available here

Photo Contest: Architecture of campuses

Get your camera to immortalize the architecture of the campuses !

CBH Graduate School has launched a Photo Contest for master students, PhD, research & administrative staff within its scope.

CBH Graduate School will offer to the winning students :
1st prize: tablet
2nd prize: e-reader
3rd prize: headset

Deadline for photo submission: 15/06/2023
More information available online
Discover Winners of photo contest 2022

Summer School - Shape the Future

summer school 2023
Registration for Summer School – Shape the future The many uses of Plants are open on this link.
Free of charge for Master or PhD students of Université Grenoble Alpes, in English
35 HF for PhD students
Possible ECTS according to the Master's degree

International - Outgoing Mobility Feedback

Promote international experience among students, through mobility grants, is one of the goal of the CBH Graduate School. In 2022, several students, supported by the CBH Graduate School, travelled abroad to do their internship. Here are some of their feedbacks :

Alessia Cairus, M2 Génie des procédés et des bio-procédés parcours GdP pour la formulation :

Alessia Cairus
“In order to validate my master’s degree in Process Engineering and Formulation, I did an internship In the Netherlands (Zwolle), at Synres, a company specialized in the production of alkyd and acrylic resins. What a great experience! I enjoyed doing my scientific research. I grew up and became more mature. I gained more skills and knowledge and developed my ability to speak English. This internship was the first step in the big world of work. I could have stayed in Grenoble in my comfort zone with my friends around, but I wanted more than that. It was a real challenge for me to go alone in a new country where I knew nothing and nobody, with a different culture. It was not always easy and I sometimes felt lonely or homesick, wondering what I was doing there; but eventually, I loved it. I loved it so much that I decided to stay!”

Coralie Gratignol, M2 IS - Parcours Sciences et management des biotechnologies - médicament biotechnologiques :

“In order to complete an internship as a research assistant in biochemistry, I spent 6 months in San Diego (University of California). Besides greatly learning professionally and benefiting from a significant advantage in my future job search, this experience allowed me to mentally grow up, enhance my independent mindset and create strong friendships. Stepping into the unknown and travelling to a foreign country where you don’t have any link will lead you to get out of your comfort zone and make unforgettable memories.”

Manon Paul Traversaz, PhD student from EDISCE and TIMC-IMAG :

Manon Paul-Traversaz
“Following a joint PhD program, I spend 30% of my time in the partner institution in Yokohama (…) While going to Japan, I can strengthen my relationships with Japanese researchers because not everything can be done by video meetings. Indeed, nothing is better than real discussions and shared moments. At the Yokohama University of Pharmacy, I learn about traditional herbal medicines and how they are prepared to make remedies, I get familiar with new research techniques and I learn the Japanese language which is useful for my research (…) As UGA students we are fortunate to have academic structures like the CBH that help us make these projects possible.”

Upcoming events

Save the date Gala evening for Master students : July 5, 2023

MT 180

Émilie Boucher, one of CBH Graduate School PhD student, has been chosen to participate to the national final of the MT180 competition

Emilie Bouchet
Congratulations to Émilie !
After winning the 1st prize of the jury during the local final of the MT 180 competition in Grenoble, she convinced the Parisian jury during the semi-final, which took place on the 31st of March, with her thesis subject : "Preclinical study model of a high-fiber diet on microbiota function and anti-cancer immune response".
Replay online

She will face the other 15 finalists in Rennes on June 8th, we wish her good luck !

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