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Photo Contest - Campus in Motion 2022
Spring is the season of nature's renewal, the return of migratory birds and the awakening of hibernating animals.
The Campus on which you study, work and collaborate is in process of being adorned with greenery and crowned by flowers, a Campus in Motion. Here is the theme chosen for this year's Photo Contest.
Get your cameras ready to capture the moment and stimulate your creative spirit.
Discover several PhD Opportunities in Chemistry Biology and Health for the start of October 2022 academic year.
Moreover, several upcoming events has been selected for your greatest interest.
Wish you a good read.

Photo Contest: Campus in Motion

Get your camera to catch the Campus in Motion
CBH Graduate School is launching a Photo Contest for master students, PhD. and research & administrative staff within its scope.

CBH Graduate School will offer to the students’ winners:
1st prize: tablet
2nd prize: e-reader
3rd prize: headset

Deadline for photo submission: 15/06/2022
More information available online

Interested by a PhD ?

Several CBH Graduate School PhD followships are available on this link.
Have a look on the Orientation and Professional Integration Page where we have selected several organizations that list thesis, job or internship offers related to chemistry, biology and health.

Save the Date - Gala Evening

On Thursday, July 7th organized by the Chemistry Biology Health Graduate School at the Belle Electrique.
An unforgettable moment to mark the end of your Master Degree.
A dynamic program with inspiring testimonies, awards and much more to highlight students’ initiatives from the CBH GS.
The evening will continue at the Belle Electrique with a drink offered to all participants outside with a Guinguette Concert open to everyone.
More information and registration will be sent in the coming weeks. For the moment, you just have to book this evening in your agenda!
Video Teaser

Call for Papers and Popularized Posters

On the occasion of its general public evening on Food and Cancer, which will be held on May 31, 2022 at the Cité gastronomique de Lyon (Hôtel-Dieu), the Cancéropôle CLARA is launching a call for papers to young researchers (master, thesis and post-doctorate) from all disciplines in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region wishing to popularize their work to the general public.
During this evening, you will have the opportunity to present your work and to display your poster on the following themes Nutrition, physical activity, environment and cancer.
Closing date for applications: April 27, 2022
More information

International - Outgoing Mobility Feedback

Mobility feedback - Canada
Focus on the students of the Master in Health Engineering of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy who benefited from a mobility grant from CBH GS for their semester in Canada in Québec.
Mélaine Brunière and Lalie Teire were at the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi. Anaïs Maure and Wilhem Dubois at the Université du Québec à Trois Rivières.

Here are their inspiring testimonials:
" The Covid-19 pandemic almost deprived me of this opportunity, which has become a real handicap for students and their prospects of exchange or work abroad. In my case, it was still possible, so don't get discouraged, apply, and don't miss this great chance! It was an unforgettable stay, both on a personal and professional level!" Mélaine Brunière - M1 Methods and Technologies for Health.

In Trois-Rivières, I’ve met some incredible people and experienced a totally different way of studying. What surprised me the most is the considerable number of academic and professional opportunities available to students“ Wilhelm Dubois – M1 Science and management of biotechnologies

This exchange was an enriching opportunity both personally and educationally. I was able to meet inspiring people and take courses that enriched my professional project. Canada has a great deal to offer to international students, especially in the field of health and especially in research.” Anaïs Maure - M1 Methods and Technologies for Health.

" My semester in Chicoutimi, Quebec was the best of my life. I was able to learn new things at the university, especially about ecology, a subject that is close to my heart." Lalie Teire - M1 Methods and Technologies for Health.

Up coming events

GRAL's Symposium on reserach infrastructures in structural & cell biology

GRAL's symposium on research infrastructures in structural & cell biology, scheduled on 12 May 2022 (13:30 - 17:00) at Amphi Bergès, GreEn-ER building (21 avenue des Martyrs).

The programme includes:
- Flash presentations of our research platforms
- Duo presentations of research done on the platforms
- Round-table on the topic: "why should I pay to access our own research infrastructures?"
The symposium is open to all staff from the GRAL labs: BioSanté, IBS, LCBM, LPCV, and to their collaborators.
Registration deadline is 5 May. To register, fill in the short form here.

Summer School - Shape the Future

Summer School 2022
Registration for Summer School – Shape the future still open on this link.
Free of charge for Master or PhD students of Université Grenoble Alpes, in english
35 HF for PhD students
Possible ECTS according to the Master's degree

June 20-June 24, 2022 Health and nutrition in the 21st century
Are you interested in nutrition and health? Would you like to take part in discussion with experts of different fields: epidemiology, nutrition for specific audience, marketing and consumer behaviour, new eating habits?
With the participation of Nutrisens company, Béatrice Morio (INRAE) president of Société Française de Nutrition, Catherine Feart (INSERM Univ. de Bordeaux), Agnès Helme-Guizon (UGA) and Christophe Moinard (UGA)

June 27-July 1, 2022 Health and research in the 21st century
Are you interested in learning from the Covid19 crisis?
Would you like to take part in discussion with experts of different fields: epidemiology, vaccination, public health, management and science communication?
With the participation of Stéphane Paul (CHU Saint-Etienne, member of french vaccine committee), Lucienne Letellier (member of ethics committee of CNRS), Yves Sciama (scientific journalist), Pierre Mercklé (UGA, PACTE), Guillaume Vallet (UGA, CREG), Patrice Marche (INSERM, IAB)


MT 180 – Grenoble Academic Final
Congratulations to all participants! A scientific show, a real challenge of popularization.
To make the greatest number of people understand their thesis topics, in three minutes, with a single slide, this is the challenge that the doctoral students who are finalists in MT180 are taking up.
This year, 16 finalists doctoral students from UGA and from USMB have embarked on the adventure of the international MT180 competition.
Severals labs from Chemistry, Biology and Health were represented : LRB with Marie de Fondaumière, BioSanté with Charlotte Garot and Irinka Séraudie, IBS with Séraphine Degroux, TIMC with Julien Peyroux, CERMAV with Lénaïc Soullard and hp2 with Alphanie Midelet and Quentin Boëté.
Replay online

Brain Week 24th edition

For this inaugural national evening of Brain Week, the Orchestre des Campus de Grenoble (conducted by Pierre-Adrien Théo and Angélique Cormier) will be on stage with the duo Christophe Rocher and Nicolas Pointard (Nautilis ensemble) and the scientist Nicolas Farrugia (Senior Lecturer, IMT Atlantique, Bretagne-Pays de la Loire, École des Mines-Telecom, Brest, France) who are leading the "Brain Songs" project together.
Together, they propose to immerse us in the universe of brain waves and musical rhythms, and to observe their interaction when the brain improvises music. This show - conference which mixes classical music, improvised music, soundpainting and brainwaves in real time.
This evening was organized by Sylvain Harquel, Louise Kauffmann and Marcela Perrone-Bertolotti (LPNC).
Replay online


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