Photo contest 2023

from March 17, 2023 to June 15, 2023

Photo contest 2023 : « Architecture of the campuses » CBH Graduate School is launching a photo contest for master & PhD students and research & administrative staff within its scope. Apply before 15 June 2023
Photo contest 2023 : « Architecture of the campuses »

The photo contest is open to master, PhD students, research & administrative staff within CBH Graduate School perimeter. The winning photos will be highlighted in CBH Graduate School communication (social networks, website and newsletter).

CBH Graduate School will offer the winning students :
first prize: tablet
second prize: e-reader
third prize: headset

A special prize will be awarded to the winning research & administrative staff.

Applicants must submit a photo and a caption about Grenoble campuses or laboratories. The format should be jpeg or png with a minimum resolution of 3000 x 2000 pixels (cameras) or 3 mega pixels (smartphone).
A jury will award the prize based on the following criteria:
respect for the theme "Architecture of Campuses",
the originality of the picture,
the quality of the shooting,
and the aesthetics of the photo.

Note that participation to this photo contest implies that the CBH Graduate School and its partners can use any submitted photo for communication or reporting purposes. Nevertheless credit will be provided to the author. People appearing in photos must give their written consent for diffusion.
Deadline for photo submission: 15/06/2023

Files need to be sent by e-mail to cbh-internationalgraduateschool[at]
The e-mail should indicate the identity of the author, her/his contact details and her/his master’s degree or doctoral school.

Winners and Photo of photo contest 2022
Published on March 28, 2023