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Selected PhD projects

  • 2022
 PhD Surpervisor(s)  PhD Project  Teams
Mireille Albrieux & Christophe Moreau AstroProtect: Involvement of the astrocytic TRPA1 channel in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease GIN Team Neuropathology and Synaptic Dysfunction
& IBS Membrane Transport Group Team Moreau
Xavier Le Guével & Didier Gasparutto AROMA: DNA assembly of Gold Quantum Clusters superstRuctures for bibiOsensing and bioiMAging IAB Cancer targets and Experimental therapeutics Team Coll
Ludovic Pelosi & Mickaël Cherrier Ubi complex: Structural and functional characterization of the ubiquinone biosynthetic complex from Escherichia coli TIMC-TrEE & IBS-Metalloproteins Group
Benedicte Elena-Herrmann & Uwe Schlattner SUBCellNMR: Sub-cellular NMR metabolomics IAB (Team Hainaut, group Metabolic trajectories of Cancer) & LBFA
Yung-Sing Wong & André Zapun PneumoCross: Targeting S. pneumoniae by selective photocross-linking of bacterial cell wall DPM-COMET & IBS-Pneumococcus Group
Christelle Breton & Eric Maréchal ReGalS: Biogenesis of photosynthetic membranes: structural and dynamic role of galactolipid synthases CERMAV-Structural and molecular glycobiology Team & LPCV-LIPID
  • 2021
     PhD Surpervisor(s)  PhD Project  Teams
     Véronique Rossi & Thierry Rabilloud  CALCinf - Complement C1 and HMGB1 Alarmin Crosstalk in Inflammation  IBS-CAID & CBM-ProMIT
     Fabienne Agasse & Fayçal Boussouar  PRESSHD - Premature Senescence of neural Stem cells in Huntington's Disease Humbert-GIN & Kochbin-IAB
    Anne Briançon-Marjollet & Claire Rome Post-strole sleep apnea : impact of intermittent hypoxia on cerebrovascular recovery Fondamental Team-hp2 & Barbier-GIN
    Chantal Thibert & Emmanuelle Soleilhac Impact of Schwann cell metabolism on lung adenocarcinoma dissemination through perineural invasion Hainaut-IAB & BGE-Lab-Gen&Chem
  • 2020
    PhD supervisor(s) PhD project Team
    Pascale Delangle and Carole Duboc Fighting Oxidative Stress Thanks To Nisod Mimics SyMMES and DCM
    Virginie Faure and Olivier Renaudet Telomeric response to potentiate new theranostic approach in radio-resistant lung cancer cells IAB and DCM
    David Cobessi and Robert Blanvillain Investigation of the redox signaling involved in chloroplast biogenesis IBS and LPCV
    Céline Souchay and Estelle Palluel Motor Metacognition in Healthy Aging and Alzheimer’s disease LPNC and TIMC-IMAG
    Michael Holzinger and Corinne Ravelet Development of electrochemical methods for aptasensing of vasopressine using kissing complexes DCM and DPM
  • 2019
    PhD supervisor(s) PhD project Team
    Jérôme Govin Exploration fonctionnelle et inhibition des protéines BET dans les lymphomes B agressifs IAB and BGE
    Christophe Moinard La citrulline d’origine intestinale contrôle-t-elle la fonction cardiovasculaire ? LBFA and HP2
    Matthieu ROUSTIT Impact of intermittent hypoxia on wound healing in experimental models of diabetic foot ulcers HP2 and SyMMES
    Yung-Sing WONG Design of a self-immolative linker by multicomponent assembly to improve intracellular uptake and to detect antibiotic release DPM and BCI