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Leticia Da Mata LazinskiVangeli

Bilgehan Aybike OzcanMohammad Al Tarras

@Nada Maraoui M1 STAPS: "I'm very happy with this experience. I'm lucky to have very understanding and kind managers and teachers. Even if it's hard at first to adapt, you have to move forward and sacrifice for the right cause."

@Assira Kéralta M1 Chemistry: "I'm at the UGA. I don't regret it. They will find quality teaching with good teachers who are willing to accompany them even outside the rooms and a good atmosphere at the UGA."

Pranav Swaroop Gundla M2 Health Engineering: "I’m totally happy to choose this course and I had gained lot of knowledge and friends, as well as the Professors here are very good and generous to help you in the academics.."

@Letícia da Mata Lazinski Civil M1 Chemistry: "I really recommend UGA to make your studies. Grenoble is a very dynamic city located in the middle of the Alps, where you will be able to learn more about the French culture and meet students from all over the world. I really do love living in Grenoble and I’m sure you’ll enjoy its student’s life!”