Student projects financed

Jardin Dominique VillarsThe Kampo Japanese Medicine Garden project represents an added value on the UGA health studies site for several reasons. It brings diversity and increases the collection of the Dominique Villars Botanical Garden. This garden has become an essential part of the pharamacy courses for few years now, but also through the partnership with the UGA Chemistry and biology department. Students and continuing education students appreciate this concrete and living tool. The garden also improves the living environment for students and staff and increases the biodiversity on the site with three large pounds and 80 new plants. Finally, the creation of this garden makes it possible to highlight our recent academic partnership with the Yokohama University of Pharmacy. This new structure, which has been inaugurated in May 2022, was made possible thanks to the financial and human support of the students and other staff of the site.
Les Tribulations Savantes"Tribulations Savantes" is an annual event of scientific popularization organized by the PhD students of the University Grenoble Alpes.
The objective of this workshop is above all to share our passion for science with young and old. This event is notably centered around the presentation of educational experiments, meetings with doctoral students and conferences for the general public.
In 2021, the Tribulations Savantes received a financial support from CBH GS for the organization of this scientific popularization event.

Run for Health“Run for health and community during Covid-19 stage” project

Consequences of Covid-19 cause negative effect on daily life, physical health as well as mental health of people in general and UGA’s students in particular like anxiety, depression, decreased health…
In 2021, Run for Health project received a financial support from CBH and other sponsors to build a mobile application.
It helps students be more active in exercises like walking, running to improve health. Also, it provides information related to an active lifestyle and diagnostic self-toolkits for psychological diseases (depression, autism...), sleeps quality, and physical activity level as below: BMI calculation, Epworth Sleepiness Scale (ESS), Insomnia Screening Questionnaire (ISQ), Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index PSQI), Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS), Physical Activity Questionnaire for Adolescents (PAQ-C).

Leader of project: Dr. Nguyen Duy Thai

Biospher'Alpes : association of UGA students and alumni in Health Engineering and Biotechnology. Biospher'Alpes wants to facilitate and promotes shared experience between students, alumni, professors and main actors in those fields.
More information on Facebook @Biospheralpes and Linkedin

In 2021, they received a financial support from CBH GS to create a web platform to centralize the information, simplify discussions between members and enable recruiters and students to post and apply for an internship or job opportunities.
Glob'Alps : association of young researchers in Chemistry & Life Sciences of Grenoble.
This PhD Student's association creates scientifics and non scientifics events such as afterwork, board game evening... to create social links between students of different laboratories of the EDCSV.
More information on Facebook @asso globalps

In 2020, they received a financial support from CBH GS for science popularization evening.
iGEM Foundation is an independant non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of synthetic biology, education and competition.
The iGEM competition gives students the opportunity to push the boundaries of synthetic biology by tackling everyday problems facing the world.
iGEM Grenoble team is represented with their project PyoBusters
More information on this video presentation.

In 2020, they received a financial support from CBH GS to participate to the iGEM Competition and develop their project.

Phonix Health is a digital tool in order to fight against screen addiction. This project has been developped by Islam el Boudi, a student-entrepreneur in health engineering studies. This innovative module is installed on the screen of the laptop, tablet, or television of the addicted user in order to help him to self-regulate correctly in his use of digital technology.

In 2020 and 2021, this project received a financial support to develop this digital tool.
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Forum BIOTechno Auvergne Rhone Alpes : annual forum that aims to bring together young researchers (masters, engineers, doctoral students and post-doctoral students) with professionals from biotechnology sector and related fields.
Severals activities are proposed during those days as plenary conference, thematic round tables, lunch meeting, recruitment workshops. The Forum allows young researchers from the academic world to interact with professionals from the economic world and research organizations.

In 2019, they received a financial support from CBH GS to organize this professionnal Forum.
RJC - LPNC 2021"Rencontres jeunes chercheurs – 2nd edition » was a scientific event organized by a group of PhD students from the LPNC. The aim of the event was to share scientific knowledge and to promote networking for early career researchers from multiple laboratories, research fields and countries. During the two days, a total of 16 speakers presented their work in six different symposiums (Neuropsychiatric disease, IA, Memory etc.). In addition, two sessions were reserved for round table discussion around new methodologies in research. Finally, in an effort to make psychology more accessible to the public we invited a well-known scientist and youtuber Lê Nguyên Hoang, Science4All (EPFL) to talk about the contribution of psychology in artificial intelligence and the ethics of AI.
See more on RJC edition 2021 and watch the conference on LPNC Youtube Page.
In 2021 , they received a financial support from CBH GS to organize this scientific event.