Master’s degree

CBH Graduate School offers you a particular label to add to these master's programs.
M1 Chemistry
M2 Chemistry for Life Science CLS
M2 Organic synthesis for pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries SO-IPA
M2 Polymers for Advanced Technologies PTA
M1 Biology
M2 Physiology, Epigenetics, Differentiation and Cancer
M2 Structural Biology of Pathogens
M2 Neurobiology and Neurosciences
M2 Microbiology, Infectious Diseases and Immunology
M1&M2 PLANTA International (PLANT-Int)
Health Engineering
M1 Health Engineering (in french)
M2 Biomarkers and in vitro Diagnostics (in french)
M2 Biotechnological drugs (in french)
M2 Cellular therapy, Gene therapy, Tissue engineering (in french)
M2 Genetics, Genomics and Infertility (in french)
M2 Innovative methods of pharmacological development and individualization (in french)
M2 Methods for Research in Environment-Health-Toxicology-Ecotoxicology (in french)
M2 Models, Technological innovations – Imaging (in french)
M2 BioHealth Engineering
M2 Artificial Intelligence for One Health
Replay of Master Conference 2022 available on Youtube (in french)
Chemical Engineering (GDP) (in french)
M1&2 Environmental engineering
M1&2 Formulation
Physical and sports activities (Staps) (in french)
M1&2 Engineering and science of human movement
M1&2 Training and optimization of sport performance
M1&2 Special Physical Activities and Health
M1&2 Movement Ergonomics Disability
M1&2 Management in sport

Health evening presenting some Masters in Biology and Health Engineering with alumni testimonials available on Youtube