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Since last March, the Covid epidemic has had a major impact on training conditions, particularly laboratory training. As for CBH Graduate School, the summer school, the Gala evening and the Escape Game have had to be cancelled. We invite you to follow the UGA's information and instructions for the new school year on the dedicated website and remain available if you need further information.
In case of suspicion or contact follow the course of action here

Master Scholarship fellows

Welcome to the 15 international CBH Graduate School fellows coming for their Master studies in Chemistry, Biology, GDP, STAPS and Health Engineering at UGA in 2020-2021


Master Scholarship students feedback

@Assira Kéralta M1 Chemistry: "I'm at the UGA. I don't regret it. They will find quality teaching with good teachers who are willing to accompany them even outside the rooms and a good atmosphere at the UGA."

@Léticia da Mata Lazinski Civil M1 Chemistry: "I really recommend UGA to make your studies. Grenoble is a very dynamic city located in the middle of the Alps, where you will be able to learn more about the French culture and meet students from all over the world. I really do love living in Grenoble and I’m sure you’ll enjoy its student’s life!”

@Pranav Swaroop Gundla M2 Health Engineering: "I’m totally happy to choose this course and I had gained lot of knowledge and friends, as well as the Professors here are very good and generous to help you in the academics.."

@Nada Maraoui M1 STAPS: "I'm very happy with this experience. I'm lucky to have very understanding and kind managers and teachers. Even if it's hard at first to adapt, you have to move forward and sacrifice for the right cause."

Mobility feedback

@Victor Baisamy M2 Health Engineering:
"Speaking of my experience in Montreal, I could only advise all those who are hesitating to leave to try the experience. In spite of the health crisis which had a strong negative impact on my adventure by preventing me from living it to the fullest, I have only good memories of these 6 months spent here. I had many opportunities here and that is why I decided to stay for another two years in order to obtain a new diploma and to continue working in the laboratory where I did my internship. Maybe I will finally be able to take full advantage of this city and this country which have so much to offer in normal times."

Students project

Let's support the 2020 @iGEM Grenoble team, the @UGA student team representing Grenoble at the international synthetic biology competition.
Discover the trailer of their project PyoBusters and like it so they can go up in the rankings !
You can also give them a hand by visiting their crowdfunding page

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