Internships and PhD offers

PhD offers

Interested by a PhD? A call for 3-year financing will be held every year. Various sources of financing are possible: CBH Graduate School, Arcane, Gral, Université Grenoble Alpes…
Please contact directly the supervisor(s)

CBH Graduate School fellowships

PhD supervisor(s) PhD project Team
Pascale Delangle and Carole Duboc Fighting Oxidative Stress Thanks To Nisod Mimics Description  Application before April 15, 2020 SyMMES and DCM
Virginie Faure and Olivier Renaudet Telomeric response to potentiate new theranostic approach in radio-resistant lung cancer cells Description  Application before May 31, 2020 IAB and DCM
David Cobessi and Robert Blanvillain Investigation of the redox signaling involved in chloroplast biogenesis Description Application before May 31, 2020 IBS and LPCV
Céline Souchay and Estelle Palluel Motor Metacognition in Healthy Aging and Alzheimer’s disease Description Application before June 15, 2020 LPNC and TIMC-IMAG
Michael Holzinger and Corinne Ravelet Development of electrochemical methods for aptasensing of vasopressine using kissing complexes Description Application before June 1, 2020 DCM and DPM

Arcane PhD fellowships Applications closed except the offer in red
Application before March 25, 2020 or March 31, 2020

PhD supervisor(s) PhD project Team
Andrew J. Gross and Isabelle Texier Integrated Bioelectrodes/Biopolymer-Microneedle Devices for Transdermal Electrochemical Sensing Description DCM and CEA LETI
Didier Boturyn Conception, synthèse et caractérisation de mimes d’anticorps monoclonaux Description DCM
Giulia Veronesi and Peter Reiss Synthesis and advanced characterization of Ag2S quantum dots for in vivo imaging Description LCBM and SyMMES
Fabrice Thomas and Yohann Moreau PhD Position in Inorganic Chemistry, Catalysis and Theoretical Chemistry Description DCM and LCBM and CERMAV
Jean-Luc Ravanat and Sandrine Perrier Improving detection of small molecules using aptamers through crosslinks formation Description DPM and SyMMES

Gral PhD fellowships Applications closed
More information
PhD supervisor(s) PhD project Team
Ina Attrée Exploring two partner secretion in virulence of Gram-negative pathogens Description BCI-PBRC
Jacques-Philippe Colletier & Bernahrd Brutscher Photo-activation mechanism of OCP studied by time-resolved serial crystallography and NMR spectroscopy Description IBS-DYNAMOP and IBS-NMR
Irina Gutsche & Joanna Timmins Structural insight into bacterial chromatin assembly by cryo-electron tomography Description IBS-MICA and IBS-VIC
Malene R. Jensen Structure, dynamics, and assembly of super-scaffolding complexes in MAPK cell signaling Description IBS-FDP
Christophe Masselon & Sébastien Hentz Structural characterization of engineered Virus Like Particles using nanoresonator-based mass spectrometry Description BGE-EDyP
Isabelle Vilgrain Endothelial cell reprogramming in cancer microenvironment: towards the identification of new therapeutic targets Description BCI-IMAC
Gilles Curien and Johan Decelle Multiscale study of the host control on its symbiotic microalgae Description PCV-Photosymbiosis


If you want to do an internship at M1 level, please contact directly our partner laboratories
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