Internships and PhD offers 2021


You can find below the internships proposed in our laboratories at M2 level for 2021-2022

M2 / Antoine Delon & Elisa Migliorini / Biosanté - BRM Team
Molecular quantification of density and oligomerization

M2 / Pierre-Henri Lanoe / DCM-CIRE
Iridium complexes for imaging and photodynamic therapy

M2 / Marcello Gennari / DCM-CIRE
Study of the reactivity of metal-thiolate complexes towards molecular nitrogen and other N-containing small molecules

M2 / Didier Boturyn / DCM-I2BM
Mise au point d'une stratégie de synthèse par étiquetage spécifique utilisée pour la purification de séquences peptidiques complexes

M2 / Melissa Degardin / DCM-I2BM
Synthèse d'une librairie et sélection de ligands peptidique par "synthèse guidée par la cible" pour la conception d'agents de ciblage tumoral hautement spécifiques

M2 / Thomas Lavergne / DCM-I2BM
Assemblage d'une librairie combinatoire pour le développement de ligand d'ADN G-quadruplex

M2 / Fabien Cignetti & Lucas Struber / TIMC-SPM
M2R Décomposition modulaire du fonctionnement cérébral (IRM-f) lors d'un apprentissage sensorimoteur

M2 / Sarah Thiroux / TIMC-TrEE
Développement d’un vaccin contre Pseudomonas aeruginosa dans le cadre du projet MMAVAx

M2 IMID / Eric Faudry / IBS
Study of the kinetics and bacterial cooperation in cell intoxication by Pseudomonas

M2 / Pierre-Henri Elchinger / SyMMES-CREAB
Nano structuration of surfaces by proteins via self-organization for VOC detection

M2 / Yanxia Hou Broutin & Kuntheak Kheng / SyMMES & PHELIQS
Improvement of biosensor sensitivity by using nanoparticles for biomedical applications

M2 / Severals Research Teams / GIN
Severals Master Internship offers

M1 & M2 / Severals Research Teams / IBS
Severals Master Internship offers

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PhD offers

Interested by a PhD? A call for 3-year financing will be held every year. Various sources of financing are possible: CBH Graduate School, Arcane, Gral, Université Grenoble Alpes...
Please contact directly the supervisor(s)

CBH Graduate School PhD fellowships (closed)
 PhD Surpervisor(s)  PhD Project  Teams
 Véronique Rossi & Thierry Rabilloud  CALCinf - Complement C1 and HMGB1 Alarmin Crosstalk in Inflammation Description  IBS-CAID & CBM-ProMIT
 Fabienne Agasse & Fayçal Boussouar  PRESSHD - Premature Senescence of neural Stem cells in Huntington's Disease Description Humbert-GIN & Kochbin-IAB
Anne Briançon-Marjollet & Claire Rome Post-strole sleep apnea : impact of intermittent hypoxia on cerebrovascular recovery Description Fondamental Team-hp2 & Barbier-GIN
Chantal Thibert & Emmanuelle Soleilhac Impact of Schwann cell metabolism on lung adenocarcinoma dissemination through perineural invasion Description Hainaut-IAB & BGE-Lab-Gen&Chem

Gral PhD fellowships (closed)
More information on Gral Website 
PhD supervisor(s)  PhD project  Team
 Delphine Pflieger, Karine Merienne (Strasbourg) & Christophe Battail  HuntAcyl: Altered dynamics of acylations of histone H3 Lysine 27 (H3K27): a mechanism contributing to transcriptional dysregulation in Huntington’s disease? Description  BioSanté-EDyP
 Jean-Baptiste Reiser & Wai-Li Ling  C1IgMsite: Molecular and structural investigations of the complement C1 complex interactions with IgMs Description  IBS-CAID & IBS-MEM
 Winfried Weissenhorn & Gregory Effantin  Env-mAb: Structure of the HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein in complex with a novel bnAb LN02 Description  IBS-EBEV & IBS-MEM
 Cédric Laguri & Michel Thépaut  nanoLPS: Pathogen LPS recognition by immunity C-type lectins receptor in a cell-surface mimicking environment Description  IBS-NMR
 Thibaut Crépin & Guy Schoehn  Flu-nucleocapsid: Dynamic of influenza virus nucleocapsid assembly Description  IBS-VRM & IBS-MEM
 Chloé Zubieta & Mark Tully  PhaSET: Phase Separation of EARLY FLOWERING 3 and Plant Thermoresponse Description  PCV-StrucDev & ESRF-BioSAXS

Arcane PhD fellowships (closed)
PhD supervisor(s) PhD project Team
Isabelle Bausanne and Nicolas Spinnel New fluorogenic reaction induce by a supramolecular assembly of aptamers for the detection
of small molecules Description Application before March 15, 2021
Caroline Marchi-Delapierre and Christine Cavazza TOTHEM Description LCBM
Giulia Veronesi and Peter Reiss Synthesis and advanced characterization of Ag2S quantum dots for in vivo imaging. Description Application before March 23, 2021 Symmes and LCBM
Romain Haudecoeur and Guy Royal Synthesis of Hemiindigoids as Photoswitchable Entities: a Spatiotemporal Handling of Inhibition for Tyrosinase.
Description Application before March 15, 2021
 Anne Milet and Pascale Maldivi  Molecular modelling
Description Application before March 15, 2021
 DCM and Symmes