45 000 students at UGA
10 000 students in Chemistry Biology and Health
2th university in France
for Chemistry and Clinical medicine
Top 5 of cities to live and study
in France!
  • News / events
  • Anne Milet, Director of CBH Graduate School, was at French Education Fair Nigeria 5-7 November
  • 4 days in the mountains to prepare as a team for the launch of an innovative fictional activity. Students, come and combine your talents with other students from different backgrounds and create an innovative project by participating in the Masteriales! All master's students are welcome but all workshops are in french. Register by November 30th.
  • Are you creative and would like to share your study or research project in three minutes in a simple, attractive and humorous way with a lay audience ? Do you want to acquire skills that are useful for your career, to practice scientific popularization and public speaking ? Do you want to have your moment as a "rock star" thanks to a scientific subject that fascinates you and win one of the jury prizes ? So, this call is for you ! Register by November 15th

CBH Graduate School

Chemistry, Biology and Health Graduate School aims to provide :

  • students with a high quality of training, life on-campus and international experience with interdisciplinary aspects and preparation for their future professional lives through extensive hands-on research experience
  • international visibility to our graduate students in line with our top-class research.

CBH Graduate School supports graduate students from start to finish and beyond, continuously improves the quality of the programs on offer, and enhances national and international visibility.